About Us

An exciting new summer music & arts festival, takes place near the village of Aughrim in Galway.

Cormac, Sharon, Barra and team have carefully crafted a unique and unforgettable experience combining their passion for music, arts, heritage and nature as a conduit for connection, community and, most importantly, craic! LiveStock’s aim is to create a truly authentic and immersive family friendly weekend that celebrates the very best of independent music, food, workshops, entertainment and more. Centred around an ancient faerie fort and surrounded by 30 acres of young oak woodland. More than just a music festival, LiveStock Music and Arts Festival has been created as a celebration for the soul.


Giving back to the land

We have ambitious biodiversity initiatives planned such as hedge and tree planting, rewilding areas, and creating new lakes and wildflower meadows. These habitats provide food and shelter for wildlife, and help to promote a healthy and diverse ecosystem. By purchasing a ticket to LiveStock, not only are you supporting emerging musicians, artists and entertainers; you’re also supporting these biodiversity efforts directly and contributing to the preservation of the beautiful landscape in which the festival takes place.

We look forward to welcoming you to Liskelly’s Ringfort!

The Livestock Team

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